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Local Heritage Register

Part 11 of the Queensland Heritage Act 1992 requires that local Councils keep a local heritage register of places of cultural significance in its area. North Burnett Regional Council engaged a professional cultural heritage firm, Converge Heritage + Community, to undertake a local heritage study to identify places of potential local heritage significance.

If you would like more information on the study, please contact:
Council's Manager Development Services Mr Lex Webster 1300 696 272

Local Heritage Register

The Local Heritage Register was adopted at Council's Policy and Planning meeting held 5 May 2014, it was resolved that , Council adopt sixty four (64) of the proposed seventy-one (71) heritage places.
Each place is represented by a place card that includes important information such as its name, location, history, description, photos and a statement about its significance.
A hardcopy of the proposed local heritage register is now available for viewing at Council's libraries and administration centres. Additionally, an electronic copy is viewable below.

North Burnett Local Heritage Register

Place cards

A - E
Biggenden Butter Factory (former)
Biggenden Museum
Biggenden QCWA Building
Binjour Apostolic Cemetery
Binjour Cemetery
Brick Cottage
Byrnestown Commune and Cemetery
Ceratodus Rest Area
Chowey Cemetery
Coalstoun Lakes Cemetery
Coalstoun Lakes Memorial Hall
Court House, Gayndah
Dallarnil Cemetery
Dallarnil Hall and Sports Grounds
Deep Creek Railway Bridge, Chowey
Degilbo Cemetery
Degilbo Hall
Dr Tom Bancroft's Laboratory, Eidsvold
Eidsvold Court House (former)
Eidsvold Goldfield
Eidsvold Homestead
Eidsvold No.1 Cemetery
Eidsvold Racecourse
F - L
Gayndah Bridge Remnants
Gayndah Cemetery
Gayndah District Hospital Complex
Gayndah Racecourse
Gayndah Railway Complex
Gayndah Shire Hall
Gayndah State School
Gayndah War Memorial
Gosvenor Flat Cemetery
Hotel Albert, Monto
Ideraway Creek Railway Bridge (Ideraway)
Jones Weir, Mundubbera
M - P
Masonic Lodge
Mellors Drapery and Haberdashery
Monal Town Site, Mine and Cemetery
Monto Cemetery No 1 and No 2
Monto Council Office and Chambers (Former)
Monto Court House (former)
Monto Post Office
Monto Shire Hall
Monto Town Design
Monto Watertower and Rotary Park
Mount Cannindah Copper Mine and Town Site
Mount Perry Cemetery
Mount Perry Copper Smelter
Mulgildie Cemetery
Mulgildie Hall and Park
Mulgildie Homestead Cemetery
Mundubbera Butter Factory
Mundubbera Cemetery
Mundubbera Shire Hall (former) and Bloxsome Memorial Building
Mundubbera War Memorial
O'Regan Memorial Gates, Mundubbera
Paradise Cemetery
Q - Z
Rail Bridge (Humphery)
Rawbelle Cemetery and Homestead Site
St Joseph's Convent and Church Grounds
St Patricks Church
Steep Rocky Creek Railway Bridge (Ideraway)
Ventnor State School
Zig Zag Road

Background: notification of the proposed Local Heritage Register

Under the Queensland Heritage Act 1992, councils are required to maintain a local heritage register. In 2011, Council appointed consultants to complete a local heritage study, one of a number of specific strategies prepared for Council's new planning scheme project. A key outcome of the study was the identification of places recommended for entry into the proposed North Burnett Regional Council local heritage register.
The study recommended 71 places of cultural heritage significance that should be entered in the register. The places were identified following consideration of historical themes for the region, previous heritage studies, inventories of places (including existing heritage registers) and consultation with key stakeholders.
Part 11 of the Queensland Heritage Act 1992 prescribes the actions that a local government must undertake to adopt, create, add or remove places from a local heritage register. Accordingly, Council has completed the process required under the Act. Owners of the identified places, and the public, were formally invited to make submissions on the proposed heritage places and subsequently have been notified of the outcome of Council's determinations in accordance with the Act.

The process comprised the following steps:   

Owner Notification    Letters were forwarded to each land owner where an identified heritage place was located.
Public Notice and Submissions   Within 10 business days of the above notification, Council published a public notice. The public had 20 business days to make any submissions on the heritage places identified in the proposed Local Heritage Register.
Council Resolution   Within the stipulated period (80 business days from the commencement of public notification) and after considering the submissions received, Council at its Policy and Planning meeting held 5 May 2014 resolved to adopt 64 of the 71 places nominated on the proposed local heritage register.
Notice of Decision   A notice of decision was then sent to all affected land owners and submitters, in accordance with the provisions of the Queensland Heritage Act 1992

Fact sheet  1 - What is the Local Heritage Register?
Fact sheet  2 - Frequently asked questions
Fact sheet  3 - Process for lodging a submission

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