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Meet Your Councillors

Cr Rachel Chambers - Mayor

Councillor Rachel Chambers brings a positive and enthusiastic  approach to the North Burnett. Rachel is well skilled in business and education and passionate about people.

Committed to leading a proactive council she is excited about the opportunity to encourage the people of the region and the region itself to reach their full potential.

A strong focus of Rachel's term will be developing strategy within council, bringing the communities together to work regionally, breaking down barriers between city, coast and rural areas, creating opportunities to retain our youth, addressing the misconceived perception of North Burnett and ensuring people remain the anchor point to which all decisions are made.

Rachel is determined to develop strong partnerships with community, private enterprise and all levels of government with particular emphasis on developing mutually beneficial projects with neighbouring councils of the region.

Rachel welcomes any suggestions, advice, complaints and ideas from the public as she is your voice and works for you.

Cr Faye Whelan - Deputy Mayor    (Division 3)

Cr Whelan completed a term in Local Government in the previous Mundubbera Shire before successfully contesting the position of Councillor to Division three (3) of the North Burnett Regional Council in 2008.  Cr Whelan was elected unopposed to Division three (3) of the North Burnett Regional Council in the April 2012 elections.

Cr Whelan was born in Gayndah and is descended from a family that arrived in the district in the 1850s. She has lived in Mundubbera since 1971. With her husband Dan, they have three (3) children and seven (7) grandchildren and wouldn't live anywhere else.

Cr Whelan brings a wealth of life experiences, having completed 38 years in the retail sector with businesses in Gayndah and Mundubbera.

Human social portfolios including Health, Transport, Aged Care, Youth Issues, Education and Sport & Recreation allows her to pursue issues that greatly affect the North Burnett Region. Cr Whelan's passion for where she lives is reflected in her strong involvement in community groups and associations and her commitment to enhancing the North Burnett Region to achieve a better place for people to live and work.

An Australian Sports Medal was awarded to Cr Whelan by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to commemorate Year 2000. This was awarded to recognise her dedication to sports administration. She has also been the recipient of two (2) Australia Day Awards. Cr Whelan's educational qualifications (as yet, not formally recognised) are cited as a Bachelor of Life Experiences and a Doctorate of Motherhood.

Cr Paul Lobegeier     (Division 1)

Cr Lobegeier joined Local Government in 1979 and with changes to electoral boundaries has represented Divisions six (6), five (5) and two (2) of the former Monto Shire and in total served that Council for almost 20 years until its amalgamation.

Cr Lobegeier successfully contested Division 1 of the North Burnett Regional Council in March 2008 and again in April 2012.

Cr Lobegeier is married to Monique and they have two adult children and one grand daughter. The Lobegeier family have followed a range of rural pursuits in the Monto district for many years and they now run a cattle fattening block at Kapaldo, south of Monto.

Cr Lobegeier has been involved in numerous community organisations over a long period of time. He is currently Chair of Monto Aged Care, Chair of the Burnett Catchment Care and has always been heavily involved in Natural Resource Management at a State and Federal level, where he aspires to bring some balance and achieve a good outcome for the environment. He has a passion for the Arts and is a member of the State Reference Group and believes through the RADF program, rural communities are given the opportunity to partake and develop their personal potential in this field.

He is heavily involved in Tourism, through organisations such as Bundaberg & North Burnett Tourism, Australia Country Way, Rural Getaway and Monto Magic and believes the natural beauty of our area and its friendly people can assist the North Burnett economic development. The Coominglah forest and Cania area hold a special place with his family along with thousands of tourists. The potential and beauty of this area is unlimited.

During his term on Council he has seen good improvement in community infrastructure with the need for improvement ongoing limited only by our low population and capacity to pay and other levels of Government favouring the large coastal areas. Cr Lobegeier's passion to improve community infrastructure began whilst seeking to introduce reticulated Mains Power in the old division 6 of the former Monto Shire.

When not serving the community, he likes to pursue his passion for repairing old and not so old machinery. "It's the pleasure of using ones hands to make something work again - something that is not always achievable in public life".

He enjoys working with his own fat grass feed bullocks and ensuring that the pasture they live on is kept in the best condition. This is made easy in the Kapaldo area of the North Burnett which is known for its quality soils. He finds this a great release from public life.

Cr Peter Webster     (Division 2)

Peter Webster has previously spent 24 years in local government, 18 years as Chairman and Mayor and 6 years as deputy Chairman of Eidsvold Shire. He was elected as a Councillor on North Burnett Regional Council in March 2016 for Division 2.

Peter has been an irrigation farmer for many years and currently with his wife Victoria own the local Supermarket and hardware shop in Eidsvold, they also own a grazing block which they have had for many years.

Peter has twin daughters, Nicole who is married to Trevor who operate Keilers Car and Commercial in Eidsvold. Rebecca who is married to Scott Wicks the officer in charge of QATB Eidsvold.

Peter is actively involved in the Eidsvold community, and is looking forward to being part of dynamic team to improve the economic development of our Region  and lift the standard of Road infrastructure in our Council area as well as upgrading our Towns Parks and Gardens to reflect our Communities Pride.


Cr John Zahl     (Division 4)

John was elected as Division 4 representative at the 2016 Election, this being his first term as a Councillor.

Born in Gayndah in 1952, John completed his education in Gayndah, before joining the Justice Department, as a Clerk at the Mundubbera Court House. Following a number of departmental transfers and undertaking law studies, John returned to Gayndah as a Solicitor in the early 1980's. Following his retirement from Law, John spent the last decade in the position of Manager of Gayndah Fruitgrowers Co-operative.

Married to Lynda, and father of four sons, John has worked and lived in the North Burnett for the whole of his life, apart from some eight years in Brisbane. Passionate about his community, John presently is honorary auditor for a large number of community groups and organisations. He has previously served in a diverse range of executive positions such as P & F Associations, sporting clubs, and community groups.

His principal sporting interest is Rugby League.

John has a principal interest in the areas of Audit, Governance and Communities within Council, and hopes to see the North Burnett Council area continue to grow economically, socially and financially.

Cr John Bowen     (Division 5)

Cr Bowen successfully contested the position of Councillor to Division five (5) of the North Burnett Regional Council in the April 2012 elections.

Cr Bowen has resided in the North Burnett region for the past 55 years and owns a property in the vicinity of Mingo Crossing and Ban Ban Springs.

Cr Bowen is a member of the Gayndah Show Society, Football Club, Gooroolba Committee, Gayndah Museum and Ban Ban Rural Fire Brigade.

One of Cr Bowen's favourite  pastimes is finding the original sites of many one teacher schools that were once dotted around the region.  He has a love for old cars and owns a 1966 HR Holden which he states "Is a pleasure to drive!" and is also a collector of old bottles.

Cr Bowen is passionate about the North Burnett region, "It is a great place to live and bring up a family".

Cr Robbie Radel    (Division 6)

Robbie was elected as Division six (6) representative at the 2016 North Burnett Regional Council election, this being his first term as a Local Government Councillor.

Born in Biggenden and raised at Coalstoun Lakes, Robbie completed his education at Biggenden before following his dream to own and operate his own dairy farm. Robbie left school and worked full time on his parents farm while simultaneously building up his own herd of registered Brown Swiss dairy cattle. As a result of the deregulation of the industry in 2000, Robbie was forced to leave his hometown and seek employment elsewhere. Robbie has lived and worked in the Biggenden region for his entire life with the exception of some five years post deregulation when he lived and worked in and around Bundaberg and Gladstone.

Married to Michelle and the father of six children, Robbie has immersed himself in not only his career, but also his community where he has been an active member of various volunteer organisations his entire adult life and has dedicated over 20 years to the Biggenden Apex Club. He has held all positions on the executive throughout his long involvement.

A mad sports fan, Robbie's main passion is Rugby League, but enjoys most sports and has been the driving force behind the formation and commencement of a Little Athletics Club in Biggenden.

Robbie holds a principal interest in in the areas of Communities and hopes to see the North Burnett grow and diversify as a whole.