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Humphery Binjour Road

Humphery Binjour Road Remediation Work Completed August 2014

Significant wet weather over recent years has lead to landslips on Humphery Binjour Road. These landslips have resulted in the road being reduced to one lane.

Repairing damage to the road and re-establishing the two lanes will result in unavoidable impacts to flora species with conservation significance. Populations of Pomaderris clivicola and Bertya pedicellata will be directly impacted. The remediation works will result in the removal of four (4) Pomaderris clivicola and eighty-two (82) Bertya pedicellata being removed from the site. These individuals will be translocated to a new location (offset site) in a conservation area on Gurgeena Plateau.

P. clivicola (Photo below) is listed as vulnerable under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) and endangered under the Nature Conservation Act 1992 (NC Act). B. pedicellata is listed as near-threatened under the NC Act.

Translocation and Propagation
Individuals of the threatened species will be translocated to the nominated Offset Site. Translocation of large mature plants will be carried out prior to the disturbance of the site. Both species are being propagated from vegetation and also tissue culture by the University of Sunshine Coast. Over 250 plants in total will be propagated and planted at the offset site.

Offset Site
The nominated Offset Site is on the Gurgeena Plateau, 13 kilometres from the landslip site. The site was selected due to the suitable habitat and land tenure agreements are currently being secured. To meet the State and Federal Clearing Permit conditions, an Offset Management Plan was developed to outline the management procedures to ensure the survival of both species.

The plan is available for viewing by downloading from the links below.
Offset Management Plan

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Annual Report March 2015

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